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Travailing Nursing  & Perment Placement 

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Medical 2 staffing is on of the fastest growing traveling nursing companies in the country. We cover all aspects of nursing. Our professional and dedicated staff provide top of the line care ,and we expect nothing less. our management team provides the support and commitment to our facilities , as well as the support for the staff and residents. Medical 2 staffing was founded in January of 2016 by Jackie Greever a 27 year CNA, who now employees a large staffing pool and is committed  to providing the best quality staff on the market to date .Our mission is to provide safety and quality care to all of our patients ,stability and support to our facilities. We want to build lasting relationships with everyone we encounter. We cover 7 different states and will be nation wide in the next 5 years. 

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                Hi everyone and welcome to Medical 2 staffing were people mater. My name is Jakie Greever and I am the CEO and Founder of Medical 2 Staffing LLC I have been in the nursing field for 27 years as a certified nurses aid, but I wanted to touch people in a higher manner and have always dreamed about having my own company, So in 2016 I deciced to open Medical 2 Staffing LLC .  This has been a dream come true and I look forward many years of severs to all of my contacts, residents, and staff